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Montague School is a community that promotes student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships so that students can reach their full potential. Our student Wellness, Inclusion and Safety program is based on evidence that demonstrates the strong association between safety, wellbeing and learning. The program engages five key elements for building communities where wellness can flourish (adopted from The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework).

Health and wellbeing are essential for quality of life and are fundamental preconditions for learning and development. Montague School’s Wellbeing Team is committed to ensuring that all students receive health and wellbeing services that are accessible and inclusive, including the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. We aim to empower our students to cultivate a sense of ownership over their social and emotional wellbeing and build resilience to support them in their life journey.

The student wellbeing program is underpinned by the philosophy of positive psychology and is guided by our Positive Learning Framework (PLF). The PLF maximises conditions and processes that optimise teaching and learning practices.

Social and Emotional Development

Our  staff play a pivotal role in building the strong emotional foundations that young people need in order to thrive and be mentally healthy. Through our structured wellbeing programs, students develop the skills to manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. These are important life skills that support their ability to cope with and negotiate their way through difficult situations, as well as build positive relationships with their peers and adults.

These skills can improve academic attainment and enhance student motivation, as well as promote wellbeing and help prevent mental health difficulties from developing. Students learn the skills to:

  • identify and manage their feelings and their behaviour, and reach out for help where necessary
  • build and manage healthy relationships
  • have self-control
  • resolve conflict
  • be self-aware
  • handle and overcome difficulties
  • make good decisions
  • build resilience, self-esteem and confidence
  • think positively about themselves and how they perceive the world around them
  • recognise and prevent poor mental health
  • grow into well-rounded and healthy adults.


The Five Elements


Inclusive and connected school culture

Student voice

Authentic student participation


Effective family and community partnerships


Wellbeing and support for positive behaviour


Visible leadership to inspire positive school communities

For more information visit Australian Student Wellbeing Framework


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