Vocational Enrichment Program (VEP)

For many students, movement through the education system is not simply a vertical progression from one level to the next. Our Year 10 VEP Program offers students a launch-pad into the senior pathway offerings at Years 11 and 12. The framework aligns with the Victorian curriculum and transitions to the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC). 

The Year 10 curriculum provides students with the opportunity to develop skills and experiences that might not be available or achievable within a mainstream school setting.  The curriculum offers students the chance to become more independent and have a positive experience in learning within a bespoke vocational program. This pathway allows students a chance to thrive, prosper and succeed at their own pace.

Each term, all subject areas have a dedicated careers lesson where students encounter career learning as part of their everyday experience. Our students engage in specific work-related areas of employment law, qualifications, skills & attributes, being work ready, the skills gap, labour market information, applying to college, CV writing and interview techniques.

Students also use their literacy and numeracy skills through all subject areas as well as taking part in excursions, and hearing from external speakers that give students the chance to see how their subjects can relate to different careers. All careers information and guidance are impartial and fully inclusive with all students encouraged to explore individual interests based on their skills and capabilities.

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