Work Ready Skills

At Montague School, we are dedicated to preparing our students for success in the workforce through a comprehensive Work-Ready Skills Curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to equip students with the practical skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to thrive in their chosen vocational fields and to excel in the workplace.

The Work-Ready Skills Curriculum encompasses a range of essential competencies, including technical skills, soft skills, and workplace attitudes, tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of our students. Through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on training, and real-world experiences, we provide students with a holistic foundation for career readiness.

Key components of our Work-Ready Skills Curriculum include:

Technical Skills Development: Our curriculum integrates industry-relevant technical training in areas such as technology, trades, arts, and more. Students engage in practical, hands-on learning experiences that simulate real workplace environments, allowing them to develop proficiency in industry-specific tasks and procedures.

Soft Skills Enhancement: In addition to technical competencies, we prioritise the development of essential soft skills that are highly valued by employers. Through interactive workshops, role-playing exercises, and group activities, students learn effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, and adaptability skills.

Career Exploration and Pathway Planning: Our curriculum includes comprehensive career exploration activities designed to help students identify their interests, strengths, and goals. Through aptitude assessments, career counselling sessions, and exposure to various industries, students gain insights into potential career pathways and make informed decisions about their future education and career options.

Work-Based Learning Experiences: We facilitate meaningful work-based learning experiences, such as internships, job shadowing, and apprenticeships, that allow students to apply their skills in real workplace settings. These experiences provide students with valuable insights into industry practices, build their professional networks, and foster confidence in their abilities.

Employability Skills Workshops: Throughout the curriculum, students participate in employability skills workshops focused on resume writing, interview preparation, professional etiquette, and workplace ethics. These workshops equip students with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully navigate the job application process and thrive in the workplace.

Personal and Professional Development: Our curriculum emphasises the importance of personal and professional development, fostering self-awareness, resilience, and a growth mindset among students. Through reflective practices, goal setting, and mentorship opportunities, students cultivate the attitudes and habits necessary for lifelong learning and career advancement.

Our Work-Ready Skills Curriculum is not just about preparing students for jobs; it’s about empowering them to build meaningful careers and lead fulfilling lives. We are committed to equipping our students with the skills and confidence to succeed in the workforce and make positive contributions to their communities.

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