Meet the Team

The Monty Crew

At Montague School, we are committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development among our staff. At the heart of our educational philosophy lies the recognition that our staff are lifelong learners, continuously seeking to enhance their knowledge, skills, and practices to better serve our students and community.

Our staff learning profile encapsulates our collective commitment to growth, innovation, and excellence in education. It reflects our dedication to providing a nurturing environment where all staff are empowered to explore new ideas, engage in reflective practice, and collaborate with colleagues to achieve shared goals.

We recognise that every member of our staff brings a unique set of talents, experiences, and perspectives to our learning community. Through personalised professional development opportunities, tailored to individual needs and interests, we aim to cultivate a diverse and dynamic learning environment that celebrates the richness of our collective expertise.

Our staff learning profile is characterised by a spirit of inquiry, curiosity, and adaptability. We embrace emerging research, best practices, and educational trends, while also honouring the timeless principles of teaching and learning. By staying informed, responsive, and open-minded, we ensure that our instructional practices remain relevant, effective, and impactful.

Furthermore, we believe that professional growth is not confined to formal training sessions or workshops. It is woven into the fabric of our daily interactions, as we engage in meaningful conversations, peer observations, and collaborative problem-solving. Through ongoing dialogue and feedback, we inspire each other to strive for excellence and continuously raise the bar for student achievement.


David Casas – Principal

Brendan Salmon – Business ManagerWill Taylor – Inclusion Outreach Coach
David Stewart – TeacherMandy Muschamp – TeacherJosh Hearn Amy – Teacher
Soturia Hatzipanagioto – TeacherDylan Cameron – TeacherTony Senese – Teacher 
Megan Fitzgerald – TeacherArgentina Ortiz – ES & Disability CoordinatorGrace Cross – School Nurse
Carla Burn – Mental Health PractitionerIndy Holman – Executive AssistantRob Wallace – ES Coach – Sports Coordinator
Lucia Borrello – ES CoachMadeleine Thompson – ES CoachAnn Martin – Music Teacher
Emma Ford – Careers & Pathways CoordinatorSam Belden – Ground Maintenance 
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