Meet the Team

The Monty Crew

At Montague School, we believe our expert staff are the key to bringing out the best in our students. We employ multi-skilled and innovative professionals who are passionate about educating and supporting young people. Our staff have years of experience and specialise in educating students with a wide range of disabilities.  


David Casas

Acting Principal
What I like most about my job is that students, staff and families have the confidence to tell me how to do it better.

Brendan Salmon

Business Manager

Craig Bond

Outreach Inclusion Coach
I love being part of a team that continues to seek improvement. I really enjoy supporting staff to achieve the best outcomes for students.

Amy Cooper


Mandy Muschamp

VPC Teacher

Soturia Hatzipanagioto

VPC Teacher

Megan Fitzgerald

VPC Teacher

Josh Hearn-Amy

HPE Teacher

David Stewart

Pathways Teacher

Tony Senese

Art Teacher

Argentina Ortiz

Education Support

Lisa Ricciardo

Education Support

Rob Wallace

Education Support

Madeleine Thompson

Education Support

Sam Belden

Ground Maintenance
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