Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

At Montague School, we recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of every student. Our commitment to inclusive education extends to our Individual Education Plans (IEPs), where we tailor personalised strategies to empower each student’s learning journey. With a focus on collaboration between educators, families, and support networks, we ensure that every IEP reflects the individual strengths, needs, and aspirations of the student. Through this dedicated approach, we foster an environment where every student can flourish and achieve success.

The process for implementing a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) involves several key steps:

  1. Assessment: The process begins with an assessment of the student’s strengths, needs, and any areas where they may require additional support. This assessment may involve input from teachers, parents, specialists, and the student themselves.
  2. Development of the IEP: Based on the assessment findings, an IEP is developed. This plan outlines specific goals and objectives for the student, along with the accommodations, modifications, and support services they will receive to help them achieve those goals.
  3. Student Support Meeting (SSG): This is a collaborative planning meeting involving the student’s parents or carers, teachers, school administrators, and any other relevant professionals. During this meeting, the IEP is reviewed and discussed, and any necessary adjustments are made based on input from all stakeholders.
  4. Implementation: Once the IEP is finalised, it is implemented in the classroom and throughout the school environment. This may involve providing specialised instruction, accommodations such as extended time on tests or modified assignments, assistive technology, access to support personnel such as special education teachers or aides, and any other necessary interventions.
  5. Monitoring and Progress Tracking: Progress toward the goals outlined in the IEP is regularly monitored and tracked. This may involve ongoing assessments, observations, and communication between teachers, parents, and other members of the student’s support team.
  6. Review and Revision: At Montague School, the IEP is reviewed each term to assess the student’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to the plan. This review process involves input from all stakeholders and ensures that the student’s evolving needs are being met effectively.

Throughout this process, communication and collaboration between all members of the student’s support team are essential to ensuring the successful implementation of the IEP and the student’s overall academic and personal growth.

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