2024 New Build & Upgrade Project

In the 2022-23 State Budget, the Victorian Government invested $1.8 billion to build and improve schools. This includes $616 million to upgrade classrooms and learning spaces at 67 schools, making it easier to equip students with the skills they need to thrive and reach their full potential. As part of this investment, Montague School received $2.7 million to upgrade and modernise the school.

The new build project will deliver new student toilets, a new reception and administration centre, a joint use library and careers room, new art studio, modernised learning spaces and general upgrades to school facilities and grounds.

During construction work, the site will be fully enclosed, as the safety of the students is paramount. We acknowledge the build work will cause some short-term limitations in accessing the full resources and areas of the school. The schools focus remains on the teaching, learning and wellbeing of our students. We have made reasonable adjustments to ensure our students are not disadvantaged. Our curriculum and events program has been designed to provide a rich and adventurous series of activities for students during the two phases of construction.

The Projected Timeline

Phase One: January to April 2024

  • Demolition and new build of the administration offices, reception and entry.
  • Demolition and new build of student toilets.
  • Upgrade of the school kitchen
  • All classrooms stripped and upgraded
  • New art room, library and careers centre.
  • Upgrade of heating, air conditioning and lighting.

Phase Two: May to June 2024

  • Demolition of old student toilet block
  • New deck linking kitchen and outdoor areas
  • New staff toilets Grounds and entry upgrade.
  • Disabled parking space.

During construction works the entrance to the school is via Buckhurst Street.

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