Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC)

Montague School specialises in teaching the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC). The VPC is an inclusive Year 11 and 12 standards-based certificate that meets the needs of a smaller number of students who are not able or ready to complete the VCE (including the VCE Vocational Major). 

The VPC is designed to develop and extend pathways for young people, while providing flexibility for different cohorts. The VPC is suitable for students whose previous schooling experience may have been disrupted for a variety of reasons, including students with additional needs, students who have missed significant periods of learning and vulnerable students at risk of disengaging from their education. Students will gain the skills, knowledge, values and capabilities to make informed choices about pathways into a senior secondary qualification, entry level Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses or employment.

The curriculum accommodates student aspirations and future employment goals. VPC learning programs connect students to industry experiences and active participation in the community. 

For more information visit the Victorian Pathways Certificate website

VPC Explained

Common Questions
1.  Is this a recognised senior secondary qualification? The VPC is an accredited foundation secondary qualification under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006. It aligns to Level 1 in the Australian Qualifications Framework.
2.  Length of qualificationThe course is usually completed in 2 Years.
Special Provisions

There is no limit on the period of time allowed for a student to achieve the VPC, the provisions available seek to help a student complete the requirements in a timeframe comparable to that of their peers. Individual students may need special provision in their learning program to achieve the learning outcomes, and in assessment to demonstrate their learning and achievement.

3.  Number of units (or modules) that need to be successfully completed12
4.  Other prerequisites to complete the certificate

Successfully complete:

  • 2 units of VPC Literacy 
  • 2 units of VPC Numeracy
  • 2 VPC Personal Development Skills
  • 2 VPC Work Related Skills units
5.  Do you need to do the GATNO
6.  Do you need to sit other exams?NO
7.  Will you complete a VET course at schoolYES
8.  Do you NEED to do a VET to successfully complete the course?NO – however students can CHOOSE to take one
9.  Do you NEED to undertake structured workplace learning?NO – however students can CHOOSE to do this
10.  Can you pick subjects?No* – all students will complete Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills and Personal Development Skills, Industry Specific Skills
11.  Can you access University after successfully completing this certificate?NO (Students would need to go to TAFE first)
12.  Can you access TAFE after successfully completing this certificate?YES (Will depend on the certificate level)

Curriculum Overview

Core ProgramElective Program

Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC)

Work Related Skills
Personal Development Skills
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Work Experience
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Sport
  • PCYC
  • Swimming
  • Boxing
  • Weights
  • Cycling
  • Camps
  • Animal therapy (dogs)
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