Victoria Certificate of Applied Learning


What is VCAL?

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a hands-on year 11 and 12 alternative designed to create an individual pathway for you to employment or further studies at TAFE.

It offers an educational experience that includes applied work skills and industry-based learning as well as job relevant literacy and numeracy skills. VCAL programs are more focussed, more integrated and more sustainable for those students who do not necessarily need to complete a traditional VCE to reach their desired goals.

VCAL, like VCE, is an accredited senior secondary school certificate that is recognised internationally as a successful completion of secondary education.


What is VCAL at Montague?

At Montague we offer students VCAL at foundation, intermediate and senior levels. Literacy and Numeracy are tailored for individual student needs with a Career Action Pathway plan that incorporates possible TAFE and employment opportunities. Goals are not only achieved in the classroom, but also in the community. Students access public transport, government agencies and community facilities to support their learning.


Students who choose to undertake a VCAL at Montague Continuing Education Centre are usually looking for pathways to further study at TAFE and/or employment, including pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships.