Montague School provides the opportunity for young people aged 15-19 years of age with a mild intellectual disability or who have disengaged from school to reconnect with teachers and learning.

Prior to submitting an expression of interest for enrolment the student should be willing to:

  • Fully commit to the Montague School program
  • Devote the time and effort required to achieve success
  • Work co-operatively with other students and staff

Montague School should not be considered an option for students who are, or can be enrolled in a traditional school.

Once an expression of interest is received, the prospective student, parent and referring person will be invited to a series of weekly meetings with Montague School staff. Through this process an individual learning and pathway plan is developed and when appropriate the student will be integrated into a class.
This gradual process also allows the student time to become accustomed to the school and to become aligned with the school values and processes and to ensure that when the young person starts classes at Montague School they are ready to focus on learning.

Please click here to download our Expression of Interest Form