Message from the Principal

Every student at Montague is enrolled in the VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) and the school's focus is on supporting students to complete their VCAL certificate to the highest level. We firmly believe that students should engage with their own learning. Consequently every student has an individualised learning plan which meets the required VCAL learning outcomes within a curriculum that has been designed to reflect their interests and career goals.


The focus of Montague is on learning, empowerment and respect for the Community, ourselves and each other. The individualised nature of the curriculum assists with targeting student learning and empowering them to go forward to the next stage of their life. The VCAL program, along with the school's focus on work experience opportunities and VET (Vocational Education Training) courses assists our students to go on to further education or to go directly into full time or part time employment. Our sporting program, along with our commitment to student welfare and well-being, helps nurture a culture of respect across the entire school community.


Montague students benefit from our trauma informed approach, small class sizes and committed teachers and support staff who all work hard to create a positive and affirming educational culture. If you would like to know more about what Montague School can offer your child please don't hesitate to contact me for further information.



David Casas

Acting Principal