The parking of cars and other vehicles in and around the school grounds is a daily necessity, but also raises several safety and traffic issues that must be well managed. School grounds must be safe for all students, staff and visitors. Parking areas may be available for use by staff, contractors and visitors, at the discretion of the principal.

Drivers are responsible for understanding parking restrictions in their school zone and to ensure they obey the parking rules to keep our school children, pedestrians and other road users safe.

Parking on school grounds is at the discretion of the school principal. As part of the school’s safety and emergency management practice, access to parking on school grounds is restricted to:

  • Staff
  • Contractors, and
  • Visitors.

All parking around the school is managed by the City of Port Phillip. The map below shows where paid parking bays are available around the school, as well as a drop off zone in front of the school.

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